Ep 058 - Author, Counselor - David Essel and The Sponge of the Unconscious

David Essel is an author, success coach, relationship counselor, and motivational speaker; he joins us in this episode of the podcast to share a lot of ideas very quickly.

These ideas all stem from his notion of the unconscious mind, which acts as a sponge for all the environmental factors of your life – no matter how much you may rationally will yourself to be one way, you are your habits. But there is hope for improvement, whatever ails you is probably your fault. And when things are your fault you can fix them by building better habits over the course of a year. Your allowed and encouraged to ask for help doing that. David and Michael also come to a conclusion about the Law of Attraction: it’s bunk. At least on on one axis, anyhow. Visualizing your goals only seems to work when they're attainable. Meanwhile, the idea that projecting negativity invites more negativity does seem to hold up. There also isn’t really a wrong way to get better, in terms of addictions and negative behaviours.

In the age of web-enhanced narcissism, David offers advice on navigating negativity and Michael shares his thoughts on the pressures he sees others encounter on social media.

Speaking as a relationship counselor, David shares his expertise on multi-generational dysfunction and how to work through difficulties before they get too serious. He also explains how he started writing a novel that also illustrates his six lessons on true love.

This episode features a frank discussion of addiction and suicide.

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