Ep 057 - Entrepreneur - Nine Influence Lessons with Josh Elledge

There’s no book on PR anymore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t experts in the field of influence, like our guest Josh Elledge. And he dives right into sharing that knowledge with Michael.

Whether we’re into online dating or not, we all run on a swipe left or swipe right mentality - Quick judgements based on what we see when we google-stalk anyone that contacts us, Josh starts by managing how that looks and feels to strangers. He recommends looking at your profile photo rankings on photofeeler.com as a start and then altering how you present yourself on any given platform. Each one has its own strengths; lean into them.

While you’re building your online presence don’t be afraid to learn from others, take what you like from someone more successful and steal it for yourself. And while you’re looking at successful influencers and media personalities, keep mind they were all terrible at the start too (most of them have archives; you can check) and just keep at it.

Once you start networking; think of it as giving. You have an opportunity to expand your reach and the easiest way to do it is to be generous with your offers, even if all you’re doing is giving advice in a Facebook community or leaving encouraging messages on Instagram.

What you do when you have influence and authority in a field? Cash in, according to Josh that’s more than just new business partnerships and money, you should be using the power afforded by influence to further what really matters and fix problems in the world.

The last tip this episode has to offer is that small commitments can build momentum over time. Don’t shoot for the stars, just shoot a little further each time you manage something small, and while you’re proceeding let the setbacks happen and let yourself off the hook once in a while, especially early in a new routine.

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