Tin Hat Hot Beefs Episode 6 - Convoy Conundrums

• February 16th, 2022

The truckers aren't hauling beef to Ottawa right now, but we have some Hot Beef for ya. Beefing up the Freedom Convoy in Canada!

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Episode 5 A Pandemic Of People Not Admitting They Were Wrong

• February 9th, 2022

There's the obvious pandemic, and then there's this one. More Hot Beef than Tin Hat.

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Tin Hat Hot Beef Episode 4 - Refugees From Canada

• January 19th, 2022

Have there ever been refugees FROM Canada? Puttin' on my Tin Hat today and saying - there are now!

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Tin Hat Hot Beef Episode 3 - How To Not Wear A Mask

• December 1st, 2021

We’re not saying you shouldn’t wear a mask.  But, ya know.

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Episode 115 George Grosman

• November 12th, 2021

George is based in Central Florida, where he relocated in 2011 from Toronto, Canada. He is active on the local music scene with The Fire Jazz Trio, and with Swing Boutique, a quartet that specializes in “jazz with a French accent”, playing gypsy jazz and French standards. Maybe in the future we can do a jazz podcast, but this one is about the state of America.  George is almost as passionate about freedom as he is about Jazz.  Michael and George cover a lot of territory in this one.

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Episode 114 - Rahul Samuel

• November 10th, 2021

Rahul Samuel is co-owner of security and health care provider Orion Security in the city of Brampton. He is also a life and fitness coach. Rahul and Michael discuss legal immigration, Covid 19, Trudeau and the aftermath of the election. They also review Rahul’s strategy as candidate for the People’s Party of Canada.

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Tin Hat Hot Beef Episode 2 - Modern Colonialism

• October 4th, 2021

Colonialism has a long history.  Probably a lot older than the word itself.  I decided to put my tin hat on and hot beef it up.  Here's what you get. 

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Tin Hat Hot Beef ep 1 - Deception And Influence

• October 4th, 2021

Britain used subterfuge, manipulation, and deception to drag The United States into the Second World War. No one would argue it happens still.  And with modern surveillance technology, how much more effective is it?

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Ep 113 Daniel Boucher, People‘s Party of Canada

• September 15th, 2021

Daniel is the Central Ontario Regional Coordinator for The People's Party of Canada. Daniel and Michael discuss urgent topics that Canadians face in this election - some you already know about and some no one else will talk about. Give this podcast a listen, then on September 20th, you might put your X where you never have before!

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Episode 112 - René de Vries - People’s Party Of Canada

• September 2nd, 2021

René is your Markham-Stouffville candidate for the People’s Party of Canada.  Michael and René discuss the various topics that so urgently need addressing in this election.  If you’ve been questioning the status quo, René and leader Maxim Bernier have the answers! 


Connect with René:






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